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Xiamen Bestbath Ceramics Co., Ltd, founded in 2010, located in Haicang District, Xiamen, is a company specializesin design, development and manufacturing of high-end sanitarywares. Bestbath is a high tech enterprise who owns theindustry-leading core technology, with more than 500 employees, and 3 advanced kilns. Cooperating with the KeyMaterials Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bestbath seeks technical breakthroughs in slip and glazingmaterial to break the industry bottlenecks.......



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01 2022-03

To create a comfortable and refreshing bathroom space, the purchase of 3 bathroom materials is very important to make life more leisurely

Almost every family now has a bathroom space, why is it called a bathroom space instead of a toilet, because the bathroom space in our family contains a lot of functions, including a wash area, a shower area, a toilet area, and some even It will include a laundry area, which is more functional, so it is no longer a separate bathroom. It has more functions. The selection of items in these important areas is also very important. Only when the items are selected can we use them more comfortably and live more leisurely. 1st: Shower Let's talk about our shower area first. After a busy day at work, it is also a very happy thing to be able to go home and take a comfortable hot bath. Then the choice of shower head is particularly important. The types of shower heads on the market today, There are many materials, how to choose the most suitable shower head among the many? Showers are generally divided into three types, hand-held showers, overhead showers, and side-spray showers. If economic conditions permit, you can choose two or three of them to be installed together. Each has its own advantages. It is convenient for hand washing, which is more convenient for washing and cleaner, but there is also a shower bracket, which is very optional, and you can wash it how you want. The position of the overhead shower is fixed on the top of the head and cannot be adjusted at will, but this type of shower is suitable for people of all heights at home to use together, and it has a large water output and is very comfortable. There is also a side spray shower, which is hidden in the wall to spray the body, and also has the effect of massage. Step 2: Selection of washbasin The wash basin is the same item that is frequently used in the bathroom in our daily life, so it is more important when choosing. Wash basins are also divided into various types, including table basins, column basins, hanging basins, and integrated basins. , At present, the more popular are the basin and the one-piece basin, so I mainly talk about these two. There are two types of basins: over-counter basins and under-counter basins. It is not recommended to install over-counter basins, as it is easy to form hygienic dead corners, and even the best glass glue is used for fixing, and it is easy to mold and blacken over time, which affects the aesthetics. The one-piece basin is directly connected to the storage cabinet, which hides the water pipe lines used and increases the storage space of the storage cabinet, but the shape is relatively bulky. There is also a 6-character technique for choosing a washbasin. Look at it twice and tap it three times to see whether the surface enamel is uniform, whether the color is smooth, whether there are small sand holes Lei Feng, and whether the material is uniform by touching it, and whether there are concave and convex unevenness. Where, the third knock is to listen to the sound, whether it emits a crisp and delicate sound, rather than a dull noise. 3rd: Toilet The toilet is also used frequently by us, and if the selection is not good, there will be more troubles. When choosing a toilet, we need to pay attention to 4 points: 1. Observe the glaze of the toilet, which must be smooth and flat, and the thicker it is. The better, use a marker to draw a line on the glaze, wait for five minutes to wipe, and see if it is easy to wipe off, which can prove that it is easy to clean in the future. 2 is the toilet accessories, mainly the water tank, press the flush button, if it feels light, it proves that the elasticity is poor, good accessories, pressing the flush button has a very elastic feeling. 3 is the weight of the toilet. Generally speaking, the better the quality of the toilet, the greater its density, and the heavier it will be, so in principle, the heavier the better. 4. The diameter of the toilet is a very important indicator. It is related to the smoothness of drainage and defecation. Generally, large-diameter sewage pipes with glazed surfaces are not easy to get dirty and discharge quickly and forcefully. Basically, there will be no blockage.
01 2022-03

What does the bathroom contain? Introduction of 10 common supplies in bathroom

Sanitary ware literally means sanitation, bathing, and is a space and supplies for daily sanitation activities such as defecation, bathing, and toileting. What are the bathroom supplies? Today, Xiaoqing will give you a list of 10 common supplies in the bathroom. Please pay attention to check it! Main bathroom supplies 1: toilet The toilet is a toilet that is characterized by the human body taking a seat when it is used. It is divided into a flush type and a siphon type according to the flushing method. The flushing type has high flushing efficiency, but the flushing noise is too loud, and there are few varieties on the market; the siphonic toilet has strong flushing ability and low noise, and is deeply loved by many families. Main bathroom supplies 2: squatting toilet The squatting toilet refers to the toilet that is characterized by the human body taking the squatting type when it is used. Main bathroom supplies 3: bathroom cabinet The bathroom cabinet is a cabinet for storing items in the bathroom. Its surface materials can be divided into natural stone, jade, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking paint, glass, metal and solid wood. The wood panel itself of the bathroom cabinet should be treated with moisture-proof. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to isolating the moisture on the ground. It is better to choose the hanging type and the high-foot type. Main bathroom supplies 4: wash basin The washbasin is a frequently used item in the bathroom, where washing your face, brushing your teeth, and washing your hands must be done. There are two types of wash basins, one is freestanding and the other is desktop. The desktop has a relatively large area and is suitable for rooms with larger bathrooms. Main bathroom supplies 5: water heater A water heater refers to a device that increases the temperature of cold water into hot water within a certain period of time through various physical principles. According to different principles, it can be divided into electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters, etc. Main bathroom supplies 6: Shower A shower, also known as a shower head, is a shower device and a common item in the bathroom. The water-saving function is the key point to consider when purchasing a shower, and secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. Main bathroom supplies 7: faucet The faucet is the size switch used to control the water flow, which has the effect of saving water. Faucets are frequently used, and there are various models and shapes. When purchasing, you should consider whether the hand feels good, whether it is laborious to twist, and the length of life. Main bathroom supplies 8: bathtub A bathtub is a plumbing fixture for bathing or showering, usually in a domestic bathroom. When purchasing, it should be selected according to the actual situation and needs, and it is rarely used by ordinary families. Main bathroom supplies 9: hand dryer Hand dryer is a sanitary ware appliance used to dry hands in bathroom, which is divided into induction automatic hand dryer and manual hand dryer. It is generally used in public toilets such as hospitals, cinemas, hotels, etc. Main bathroom supplies 10: bathroom hardware Bathroom hardware refers to the metal products installed in the bathroom to hang and place towels, bath towels and other toiletries. Bathroom accessories include tooth cup holder, soap stand, towel bar, bath towel holder, clothes hook, paper tube holder, etc.
01 2022-03

The bathroom industry seminar was held in Shenzhen

Recently, in order to promote the healthy and high-quality development of the overall bathroom industry, a seminar on the overall bathroom industry was held in Shenzhen. At the meeting, the participants had a heated discussion on the development of the industry, the standard system, and existing problems. After two days of brainstorming, the meeting identified 19 pain points and topics of general concern to the industry and users. It is believed that leading enterprises to jointly explore the development of the overall sanitary ware industry can understand the most real development status, industry trends, market demand and professional technology. With the joint efforts of everyone, we will definitely make high-level and high-quality topics, put forward insights, and promote the better and faster development of the overall bathroom industry.

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